Yingge Wares – Yingge Ceramics Industry Rejuvenate



In order to promot the cultural industry quality of  Yingge ceramics, New Taipei City Government has initiated the “Yingge Wares Branding Project” in 2008 to authorize the use of Yingge Wares trademark (Registry: 01427222) on ceramics products approved by Intellectual Property Office ,Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. We expect that consumers could appreciate the elegant Yingge ceramic products.

Yingge ceramics is diverse and multifaceted. It has been adopted in architecture, household, ornamental, sanitary, and industrial use. For 200 over years, Yingge Ceramics enjoyed abundant resources, from funding, material, equipment, human resources to a whole magnitude of other assets necessary to a developing industry. The ceramics industry of Yingge has fully developed, from design, production, to sales.

Yingge Wares Branding Project is expected to reach a new milestone in rebuilding and marketing co-branding names in Yingge. At first, it targeted the history of development behind Yingge ceramics and the symbolic elements behind it, including the most spectacular Carmine Glaze design in the 1950’s, the imitation of traditional Blue and White porcelain that won popularity internationally in the 1960’s, and the Crystal Glaze design that thrived in the 1980’s. All of which have been imitated in mass production by ceramics industries from all over the country, and in turn boosted the incline of economy. Thus, a three-year plan is in motion to adopt the ceramics culture as the main theme and associate to a brand recognition, encourage local production of ceramics and establish a platform for outreach of Yingge ceramics. From 2011 on, the works made in Yingge area in the exhibition of Creative Living: A Selected Exhibition of New Ceramic Works are qualified. Qualifying products are based on their artistic, aesthetic, imagery, and marketing elements. The focus of this motion is to encourage retro- innovations and revive the glory of Yingge ceramics.


In a time of rapidly shifting international industries, “Yingge Wares” represents the local ceramics products of the area, and we look forward to your full support in the trademark.